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13 August 2022

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Sat 06 Aug 2022

About us

Dawn House School provides a much loved and valued service for children and young people aged 5-19 years with a severe or complex communication difficulty.

We provide all of our pupils with a caring but challenging education in a language focused learning environment which is stimulating safe and orderly. At our school we work to encourage effective learning by focusing on the development of good communication skills. We achieve this through the integration of education, therapy and care in a setting where all individuals are valued and motivated and given the opportunity for a positive well-being.

It is our mission to ensure that no child who struggles to communicate or has difficulty speaking or understanding should be left out or left behind.

To assist in our students reading, understanding, imagination and communication skills we have a very old library area which we would like to revamp. Our dream is to totally refurbish this area to include modern furniture, new book shelves and reading areas that are inviting and promote a passion of reading outside of the classroom. We know that reading has a positive impact on literacy skills too as well as promoting discussions around information and stories that they read. 

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our previous fundraising focus of the pool cover, chairs and ventilation for the hall. These has now been purchased and all of those things have made a big impact on the day to day experiences of the studnets in school. Thank you so much if you have contributed to this. 

We hope you will consider supporting us for the next fundraising mission. Thank you for your support and good luck.

Andrea Robinson 

Head of Therapy and Assessment Service at Dawn House School 

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